5th Avenue lyrics

Elton John

I stumbled down 5th Avenue
In the winter time, 1982
No heavy coat, thin pair of shoes
In the rush hour crowd, on 5th Avenue

I thought I saw someone I knew
Turned out to be no one but you
Something borrowed, something blue
Ducked in a doorway on 5th Avenue

All my crimes come back to haunt me
Every building seems to judge
Standing tall and looking down
Like fingers pointing from above
On 5th Avenue, on 5th Avenue
The party's over on 5th Avenue

Fortune finds the chosen few
Fools just find someone like you
Build a bank, or you buy a zoo
Monkeys and money on 5th Avenue

Snow falls on 5th Avenue
Your old man is on the evening news
Hard to believe how far he flew
Down, all the way down to 5th Avenue

[Chorus 2x]