Don't Give Up On Me lyrics

Zach Bryan

I like the way your face looks
When you're smiling like a vandal
Waking up warm with you in a room
That's too cold for us to handle
And in this shack I'm living in
You don't mind sleeping in
Eating food leftover from last night
There's plenty of boys that want you babe
But for me you will crawl, scratch, and fight
We'll go out on Saturday
And ride the bronco through the bay
Sit and drink [?] by the shore
You'll tell me you love me girl
Even if [?]

So don't give up on me
You don't care where I'm buying
You're in

Girls today will drink all day
To fall in love with any boy they see
You're a sight of utmost beauty
Utmost strength and utmost loyalty
So I'll sit here and drink all night
Talk about the Lord's delight in you
If my momma could just see you laugh
I know that she could see the shine in you
She'd say thanks for taking care
Of a baby boy cause she can't be here
To hug you till your little lungs turn blue

No I won't give up on you
No I won't give up on you