Grandma's Song lyrics

Elton John

I hated the sod for thirty three years
We should never have married, of that I'm quite clear
He spent the housekeeping money on whisky and beer
And never lifted a finger
Times were hard, but the swine came back pissed
Oh we'd fight and he'd swing and he rarely missed
So I'd clobber the sod when he couldn't resist
Asleep, you can't lift a finger

But we'd go dancing, and he'd hold me tight
He was air, he was water, he was breath, he was light
And he would hold me there with all his might
And it was bliss for an hour or so
But then they called time to go
And in the morning we were sober

Oh he'd drink and he'd talk just like a fool
Lie like a bairn and snore like a mule
Rarely was sober, pretty much was the rule
And he never lifted a finger
Oh I suppose times were hard, things were different then
Where women were women, and men they were men
Seventeen, that was it, your life ended when
You had a ring around your finger

But we'd go dancing, he was me own Brando
And in the _____ I was Marilyn Monroe
We had dust in our hair and nowhere to go
But we were free for an hour or three
From the people we had to be
But in the morning we were sober

But if I went through my time again
Oh I'd do it without the help of men
Or at least your Grandad
Well, do you Ken
Ah, best not to linger

What is the use of dreaming now
I had my chance, well anyhow
I must have been such a stupid cow
I'd give them all the finger

And go dancing, and I'd not give a shit
I'd spin around and reel and love each bit
And I'd dance alone and enjoy it
And I'd be me for an entire life
Instead of somebody's wife
and I never would be sober
And I never would be sober