Just Fine lyrics


Nothing is forever and good things never last
And learning in the future is based on lessons from the past
I thought we were gold in the fire
And we could not be burned
'Till you lost your desire and I melted to learn
I thought I could keep you from changing shape
But two people cannot believe on one man's faith

And your love it was an hourglass
What I thought I'd found was too good to last
And your love it was a promise made
But your lock and key held a broken chain

And now when I see you I just don't understand
And all I needed from you then
Has now become all the time on my hands

It was torture to see it comin' as we reached the end of days
The sands of time were fallin' from a premature heart decay
And as I stood in falsehood, in our final hour
I prayed for the roots of a redwood
But you withered like a flower
And when you finally spoke the words that broke my heart
I couldn't blame you too much 'cause I knew from the start