Peter's Song lyrics

Elton John

I'll bring you peace
I'll give you love
Be part of all your dreams while growing up
It's hard enough
Just holding on
To secrets that you keep before they're here and gone

So short of time
Where does it go
That chance to reach a world beyond the fields we know
Like shooting stars
We burn a path
Comets on the run, we see our childhood pass

And all around
The sound of children laughing
Sons and daughters dancing
Fingertips that turn the magic key
To wonder and adventure
Growing up comes later
Right now that world belongs to you and me

I'll give you hope
I'll dry your tears
Make sure our magic moments never disappear
We'll ring those bells
We'll beat the drum
And conjure up a world where we can still belong

Times like these
They're gone too soon
Swifter than an echo bouncing off the moon
We'll be OK
If we believe
That every breath we take becomes a memory

[repeat chorus]

[repeat chorus]