She Gave Me A Wink (Pray For Peace) lyrics

Alanis Morissette

I pray for peaceThey require me to kick into high gearWe may as well have our Phd'sMight we compose was never taken into accountI pray they let out or talk it outShe would give me a wink across the roomI would have made a really good lawyerI had a really good strategy for putting things back on the wall of the hoserThank God it was the God dammed wallI would have to hide all my valuablesWho would calm my mother down?Who would calm *me* down once I talked her through it?My mother and I were the official peace makersIt was a full time jobI would send my mother directly to bed do not collect 200We'd talk about it till 5am when I'd come visiting her 5 years laterWe would pray for peaceIt was most comfortable and familiar