She's Alright lyrics

Zach Bryan

Well the moon in New York tonight was beautiful
Wish you were around to see it too
I'm so happy I could cry
Why'd you'd have to go and die like that
Its hard when people ain't around to see
The smiles that they nurture, the smiles that they breed

These people don't know me
And I don't feel like showing what I've seen

And I threw up on a corner in Philidelphia
She said boy there ain't no real point in helping ya'
The only thing you've ever owned was high hopes and a pocket comb
You fool

Don't act like you know who I am
Cause the more I explain the less you understand
Those assholes downtown, are the only ones around that even try

Look up Tonight
The moon she's shining
And we'll be aright
Cause she's still smiling

These city lights would blow mamas mind
And the more I search the less I find
But she's alright