Steal Away Child lyrics

Elton John

Steal away child into your dreamsWhere nothing is ever the way that it seemsI gave you your life, you gave me your trustI've no wish to hurt you but hurt you I mustSteal away child, turn down your lightSteal away into the nightSteal away child to the land of the liesWhere love lasts forever and hope never diesSit safe for a place peaceful and calmWhere no one and nothing can harm youSteal away child, you'll be alrightSteal away into the nightOnce more goodnight, one last goodbyeTrying hard not to show how I'm making what it's taking not to crySteal away child, sleeping so stillOur love is too precious for distance to killBut when you awake, morning has comeI won't be the one you turn toI'll do what I must before it gets lightI'll steal away into the nightSteal away childSteal away into the night