Tartan Coloured Lady lyrics

Elton John

The grass in Ashfield Park is dyingWhere everybody dreams of deeds of crimeAnd the Tartan Coloured Lady walksBehind the water colours of my mindAnd the Tartan Coloured Lady she is minePeople speak of willow trees in autumnAnd my _____ doesn't fit her anymoreAnd the Tartan Coloured Lady that I wantedTalked of this place an hour or so beforeAnd the Tartan Coloured Lady lost her _____So if your crystal window isn't brokenAnd they've taken all the dust bins from your doorTake yourself the Tartan Coloured LadyAnd smell the grass in Ashfield Park once moreSee the trees in Ashfield Park once moreSo I guess I'll read the comic books you've left meAnd play marbles on the floorAnd if the Tartan Coloured Lady calls meJust tell her I won't be home till fourOr just tell her I won't be home no more