The North Star lyrics

Elton John

You can't always count on the prayers in your sleepBut this cold light's still killing meIf I pay the ransomWell can they guaranteeTo split the chains, slip the knotsI don't know if they'll ever set you freeI just can't rely on all these twisted signsToo many bright lights turn you blindThe history of the bluesSeems to swim in your eyesPick yourself up, throw your head backTake a long, long look into the skyAre you out there, are you listeningAm I'm coming across to youIs the North Star still shiningIn the sky outside your roomYou can listen but they're lyingDon't let them tell you What you've always knownIt's the North Star that's the big oneAnd it's always gonna lead you homeCan't always agree on all my dumb ideasI'm still looking for a way out of hereYou can value what you wantBut you pay for changeThere's full moons, cold lifeless nightsAnd tumbled stars spell out your nameClose your eyes, take a rideThink of everytime that youmissed your oppclick your heels, see how it feelsSomething so childish Sometimes seems so real