Your Sister Can't Twist But She Can Rock And Roll lyrics

Elton John

Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock and Roll)music by Elton John . lyrics by Bernie Taupinalbum Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973I could really get off being in your shoes,I used to be stone sold on rhythm and blues,A heard of a place at the back of townWhere you really kick the shit when the sun goes downI really got buzzed when your sister said:"Throw away them records `cause the blues is deadLet me take you honey where the scene's on fire" -And tonight I learned for certain that the blues expired.Oh your sister can't twist but she can rock and roll.Out bucks the broncos in the rodeo-do.She's only sixteen but it's plain to seeShe can pull the wool over little old me.Your sister can't twist but she can rock and rollYour sister can't twist but she got more soul than me.Somebody help me `cause the bug bit me,Now I'm in heaven with the aching feet,But I'll be back tonight where the music plays -And your sister rocks all my blues away.